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As educators and advocates for sustainable building since 1992 we bring an enthusiasm to our work! We have been designing, building, and living in strawbale houses for eighteen years and they are beautiful and efficient. Go to our Photo Gallery page to see what fabulous homes people have built.

A pioneering strawbale homeowner in the southwest of the United States, Virginia Carrabelli, said
"It just makes too much sense!"

As educators we offer workshops and seminars on the South Island. We teach people how to do strawbale building using hands-on workshops and through our free seminars. Michael has been a speaker and presenter at many conferences and we are continuing with that here in New Zealand. Please go to our Workshops page to see what is happening.

Strawbale homes provide a superior wall insulation value to help maintain healthy indoor air temperatures. Strawbale homes are quiet and strong - the walls are 450mm - 600mm thick. You feel safe and secure. Straw is a waste product of growing grain for food. By using it for building rather than burning we reduce air pollution too. For other benefits and reasons why strawbale makes sense, see our "Why Use Straw?" page.

Our Resource and How-to Build pages are being updated and improved, so check them both out to see what new information is available.


We are happy to announce that we will have two wall raising weekend workshops this year on the South Island. The locations are Garston (between Queenstown and Invercargill) and Motueka in the Tasman District. Our Workshop Page will have more details about these 3-day weekend wall raisings workshops happening in late March and April. Click the link at the top of any page to see the workshop listings.  Workshop Page

Earth Plastering Weekends - Update: 25-26 April, Garston
If you want to learn about applying earth plasters to strawbale then you can come out and volunteer this weekend (Friday and Saturday). It's not an official workshop, just a free opportunity to get experience working with earth plaster. You can put it on with your hands or a trowel - it's easy and fun. Plastering your own home is a great way to save money and make your home construction more affordable. You will see how you and your friends can easily have a party during your plastering. See our workshop details page for the owner's contact information.

Eco-Neighborhood Page

SBA continues to look for ways to build an eco-neighborhood in New Zealand starting with ten strawbale homes. We hope to be able to do more neighborhoods after these first homes are built. For more information please go to our Eco-Neighborhood Page



For further information please feel free to contact Michael Thomas, Executive Director of Sustainable Building at the address and email below.


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