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Garston Workshop Details - what to bring - where to stay - maps...

What to bring:
 1. Work gloves & rubber (dishwashing) gloves
 2. Tape measure and utility knife
 3. Cement finishing trowel (if you happen to have one)
 4. Hat, work clothes, rain jacket (mixing and applying the plaster is outside)
 5. Dust mask (disposable type) if you are sensitive to dust

Places to stay:
The Garston workshop will not have camping on site. Here are a few options that might be suitable for food and accomodations for the workshop weekend. I've not personally visited all of them but all are within 10 mins drive:

Kingston Corner Café: Open 7 days, 8AM until late, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hectors in Kingston: A great range of accommodation options from tenting and cabins to motel units.
See www.hectors.co.nz. Conveniently located opposite the Café.

Castlehill Lodge: B & B accommodation near Garston. See www.castlehilllodge.co.nz

Falcon's Rest: Lodge near Garston. See www.falconsrest.co.nz

Naylor House: B & B near Garston. See www.naylorhouse.co.nz

Please do a web search to locate other places where you might want to stay. The building site is just off Highway 6 in Garston and 18km south of Kingston. If you are thinking about staying in Qeenstown, it is a 45 minute drive.

The address of the building site is 26 Nevis Road, Garston. Below is a map (PNG) of how to get to the site. Coming from Invercargill, Nevis Road is the first right after you go through Garston. Coming from Queenstown on Highway 6 you pass through Kingston and it is 18km till the left turn on Nevis Road. You need to watch for it since it is a small road and will sneak up on you - if you get to Garston, you missed it. Turn around and it is the first right.

Map of Garston site (PNG)

Download a PDF file of the workshop flyer to share with your friends!  Workshop Flyer

Friday Night Technical Session at Garston School. 1711 Highway 6. The school is 0.4km north of Garston. Coming from Invercargll you pass through Garston and it will be on the right, just before the speed limit goes up to 100. Coming from Queenstown the school is 0.9km south of Nevis Road on the left just after the speed limit goes down into Garston. Look for flags and white rocks in front.

Remember Friday night is a technical session for you to ask questions and learn about different type of strawbale building and general construction. Saturday and Sunday are hands-on working days. Lunch is provided on Saturday and Sunday during the workshop.


For further information please feel free to contact Michael Thomas, Executive Director of Sustainable Building at the address and email below.

The Sustainable Building Alliance
71 Morton Street
Invercargill, 9812
Southland, New Zealand
011 64 3 216 5596 (from the US)
e-mail:  michael@sustainable-building.co.nz

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